If you are thinking about selling on Amazon or already sell products on Amazon, making sure your product listing is fully optimised is a must. Amazon offers a wide variety of ways to enhance your Amazon product listing and one of these is through the use of Amazon A+ content. But what is A+ content and how can optimising Amazon listings help turbo-charge your Amazon strategy? We explain all of this and more in our complete guide.

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What is A+ Content?

Whilst every listing on Amazon has to have basic information such as the price, images and bullets, A+ content is a way of further enhancing your Amazon product listing with additional text blocks, videos, images and more. Simply put, A+ content on an Amazon listing is a way to further entice your prospective customer to purchase and to give them more information about the product they will be buying.


How is A+ Different to the Product Listing?

In the past, Amazon listings were limited to a simple product description paired with five bullet points and some product pictures. However, there is only so much you can say about your product within these strict confines. A+ content is an additional section of content lower down the page that can include high-quality photos and videos alongside a choice of blocks sellers can use to provide more information about their brand and product in an eye-catching way. A+ content is a standard feature available to all Amazon sellers to optimise their Amazon listings.


Why is A+ Content Important?

When it comes to selling products on Amazon, there is a lot of competition. Amazon’s A+ content allows you to add more information about your product in order to stand out from the crowd and show how your product is superior to others on the market. Giving your customers more information before they make a purpose could both persuade those who are still deciding on the purchase and also reduce the number of product returns or bad reviews from those who have misunderstood the product.


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How to Optimise A+ Content

Now that you know the importance of using A+ content as part of your Amazon marketing strategy, how do you optimise it? The first thing you should look to do when optimising A+ content is to provide clear, concise information about the product you are selling. Make sure that product titles, bullets and descriptions all properly describe your product without confusion or misrepresentation. When reviewing your Amazon product listing, pay attention to the feedback you are getting from reviews and the FAQs section. It may be that there is a common confusion point among customers that could be addressed in your product description to clarify.

When adding blocks of content to your amazon content, make sure that they serve a purpose and give additional detail on your product rather than using up space needlessly. This section is your opportunity to really sell your product to potential customers so make the most of it. If you will be selling to different language markets, Amazon also has the ability to create language variations of your A+ content as well as assign it to multiple ASINs (product codes).


Leverage Amazon Search Terms in Your Amazon A+ Content

When planning your product listings and optimised A+ content on Amazon, it is a good idea to implement a keyword strategy in the same way as you would make use of keywords on your website. Utilising top-performing search terms on Amazon can help boost your organic listings on Amazon and make your products appear higher in the search results. Bear in mind though, as with organic website listings, Amazon keywords are always evolving to meet changing demands and sales environments so it is worth reviewing how your products are performing regularly.


Using Different Module Types in Amazon A+ Content

When you are creating enhanced marketing content in Amazon’s A+ content editor, there are a number of block types you can use. Some A+ content modules are purely for text, others allow you to create subheadings, add videos and provide side-by-side image comparisons. You can upload images from your desktop to fit the content modules but pay close attention to the size requirements within the module image sections as these will be different for each block. Amazon’s module-style A+ content also allows you the opportunity to cross-sell products with side-by-side comparisons of products you can add and potentially up-sell customers to. This allows customers to compare to find the product that best fits their needs whilst remaining within your brand’s listings.


Adding Images to Your Amazon A+ Content

One of the ways Amazon’s A+ content works to sell your product on the platform is by allowing the use of numerous images within the content. There are strict guidelines on the images you can use for the different block types but you should also ensure that any images used are relevant to the product you are trying to sell to avoid confusing any prospective customers. Note that if you select a block within the editor that has an image field, an image will be required for publishing, you may also need to add image keywords to any images you upload to describe the content of your image file. You may also need to edit your image before uploading to ensure it meets the size guides for your chosen module.


Use Your Brand’s Identity in Your A+ Content

If you do any sort of online or offline marketing, you’ll know that branding is key. You wouldn’t put out an off-brand social media post or website page so you shouldn’t do this on your Amazon listings. Even if your Amazon storefront is your only online presence, keeping the same branding and tone across each of your Amazon listings and your Amazon storefront will help boost your legitimacy on the platform and instil trust in your brand which in turn can increase sales. Combining good reviews, optimised listings and a strong brand identity is a winning combination for successful Amazon listings.


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