What is StumbleUpon and how can it help your Business?

What is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon is what’s called a “discovery engine”, which means it’s a site that lets users ‘stumble’ through random websites based on their interests, in order to discover new content. Though this may have originally seemed like simply a small, fun idea for un-enthused internet users to come across something more interesting, it has grown into something much more powerful.

StumbleUpon has become one of the best traffic generators among top social media sites by allowing users to find unexpected and ‘undiscovered’ content (unlike Facebook, for example, where users are only likely to come across content shared by friends or targeted by sponsors).

Is StumbleUpon still relevant in 2018?

Though it’s true that the popularity of StumbleUpon peaked at around 2016 and began to drop, even with this recent dip in numbers, to this day it continues to rake in an average of 14 million sessions per month, generating around a billion page views per year – pretty impressive!  And who wouldn’t want to tap into such a large pool of potential site visitors? StumbleUpon was and still remains a great way to drive big traffic to your blog or website.

So, now we’ve established that the influence of StumbleUpon is very much alive and well, we are going to give you an overview of how this discovery website works and how visitors themselves use the site. Then we can show you how to add your content to the platform, along with exactly how this can increase website traffic and blog traffic, and ultimately, improve your business!

How StumbleUpon works (as a user)

If you’re wondering how to use StumbleUpon, you’re not alone – it can seem complicated at first, but it is really very simple once you get used to it. Here’s the basic idea…

New users set their personal StumbleUpon interests, which can be adapted at any time, then web content is generated based on these interests. As users are ‘stumbling’ through these various pages, either on the StumbleUpon app or full desktop site, they have the option to give StumbleUpon feedback about them: if the site matches their taste they will give a thumbs-up, if not, a thumbs-down. StumbleUpon uses this feedback to rank sites and present content that is more relevant and interesting to the user in the future.

How to use Stumbleupon for business

Using StumbleUpon to promote a business can work in two ways: first we will look at how to increase blog traffic using StumbleUpon (and increase organic website hits in general), then we will talk about StumbleUpon Paid Discovery (the best way to advertise your website via this platform).

How to get organic website traffic from Stumbleupon

You’ve already had a summary of how visitors use StumbleUpon search to find new content, but let’s cut to discussing what you really want to know: how to direct some of this StumbleUpon traffic to your content. The key is in how to add your site to StumbleUpon, which is really very simple.

To submit a link to StumbleUpon, you must first be logged in as user. Then, on your profile tab, click the “add site” button. Here, you are asked to fill out a form, tagging any interests relevant to the URL and selecting whether or not the page is ‘safe for work’.

That’s how you add a site to StumbleUpon, but beware, just submitting doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get website traffic! Most people create a StumbleUpon account, submit a load of their own URLs, then sit back, wait, and when no page referrals come rolling in, they claim that StumbleUpon is dead. But here’s the secret: to see the benefits of a StumbleUpon submit, you need to be an active StumbleUpon user! If you have an active account where you stumble through many pages, making sure to rank them as you go, the sites you submit will have more chance of getting stumbled. Ceaseless self-promotion won’t reward you here, it’s all about the balance…

A golden ratio is stumble often and try to like (give a thumbs-up to) around 30 sites for every one of your own sites that you submit. This will ensure that your profile is full of a diverse range of sites, rather than just inundated with your own content. In turn, the content you do share will be more likely to be favoured and therefore shown to more users. Another great StumbleUpon tip is to, if you can, make sure that your content not just being added to the platform my you, but also by other active StumbleUpon users. The more people that like the site, the more likely it is to get shown to, and liked by, others!

Using these methods should see your content receiving a lot of extra page referrals, which is particularly useful if your business runs a blog. Using StumbleUpon to increase blog traffic, as well as page views in general, will bring a lot of new users to your site, and if your site is set up properly, this can mean more visitor conversions for your business!

How to use Stumbleupon marketing and paid discovery

Though being an active user on StumbleUpon will have its rewards and generate more organic traffic for your content, which works well for blogs and smaller businesses, it’s true that it may not be the most time efficient method for generating traffic where larger businesses are concerned. Thankfully, StumbleUpon advertising exists! By using StumbleUpon Ads, also known as Paid Discovery, businesses, publishers, and brands are able to target their audience based on interests and demographics – just as you would when advertising on Facebook or Instagram. The main difference is, whereas on other social networks you create an ad to take users to your content, on StumbleUpon, your content is the ad.

When your content is sponsored via StumbleUpon, you can pay for your content to be shown to many more users than it would be using the more organic method. And if you really want to splash out on a big business move, you can invest in a premium ad solution, such as ‘the Takeover’, where your content can be the first page seen by users stumbling a particular interest.

There are many benefits to StumbleUpon advertising, including reaching new and untapped audiences, maximizing your revenue by increasing page views, and extending your contents shelf-life, since StumbleUpon allows your content to resurface regardless of when it was published.

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