What is the new AI Label on Instagram?

With the rise of AI-generated content online, a number of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn have created a new labelling system to help users differentiate between real-life and AI generated content on the platforms including a new element you might have spotted when posting on Instagram, the AI label. But what is the new Instagram AI label and what does it mean for everyday and business users? We’ve jumped into a quick run-through of Instagram’s newest feature below.

What is the New AI Label on Instagram?

When posting on Instagram either as a personal user or as an Instagram Business or Creator account, you’ll have noticed a few new options when it comes to posting your images or reels. One of these is the option to mark your post as AI-generated through the new ‘Label as Made with AI’ toggle. This can help users recognise what content has been generated through AI and in some cases is a requirement. 

Instagram Made With AI toggle

Is Labelling Content as ‘Made With AI’ Required for Instagram?

If you share a photo-realistic video or realistic audio created by AI or digitally altered, Meta requires you to label this as ‘Made with AI’ and you may receive penalties if you don’t label content as required. Labelling wouldn’t be required if, for example, a reel of a forest was created in the style of a cartoon as this would not be a realistic depiction.


Why Should You Label Content as AI on Instagram?

Instagram and other social media platforms are cracking down on AI-generated content and making it easier to spot for users. Marketing content you create using AI as AI-generated can help foster trust amongst your audience and with Instagram and is a requirement in some cases. Some content might be automatically tagged as AI-generated if it contains AI indicators. This includes content created or edited by third-party AI tools as well as content created using Meta’s AI tools, downloaded then uploaded to Instagram.

How to label an Instagram story as AI

Using AI-Generated Content on Instagram as a Business

There are a number of reasons why you might want to use AI-generated content on Instagram. For example, you may have created a humorous make-believe image that showcases a product your business supplies. These types of posts can be popular on Instagram but it is imperative that when using AI content as a business you mark it up as such.

Using AI-generated images without altering Instagram users of the fact can cause distrust amongst followers and make your business or brand appear unprofessional or insincere online. If you are considering posting AI-generated content on Instagram, it is best to be cautious and use the AI-generated label on posts. You should also keep in mind that Instagram and Instagram users favour original, user-created content with many younger generations favouring real-life examples and authentic experiences.


What Does the Instagram AI Label Look Like in Practice?

On Instagram, if content is marked as AI, it may be labelled as AI content directly above the content or in some cases as a watermark stating ‘imagined with AI’. Labelling your post as AI should not make any further noticeable changes to your post.

Instagram AI generated post screenshot


How to Label a Post, Story or Reel as ‘Made With AI’ on Instagram

So not you know all about when to mark content as AI in Instagram, how do you use the new made with AI label? Start off by creating your post, reel or story as normal. In the post or reel editor, an option will appear in the final stage of editing before posting underneath tagging options.

In stories, you can label content as AI by clicking the three vertical dots in the top right corner of your screen once you’ve chosen your content. The option to ‘Label AI’ will then appear and you’ll just need to toggle the label to on before posting to your Instagram stories.

Instagram has a full set of step-by-step instructions on labelling content as AI in their guide here.

Instagram AI generated story how-to

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