Affordable Digital Marketing – Why Choose a Midlands Marketing Agency

Whether you are a business in London looking for a digital marketing company or located elsewhere in the UK and comparing London digital marketing agency costs to other places in the UK, you may be wondering what is best for your business and how to achieve your digital marketing goals with the highest return on investment. We’re here to convince you to choose a Midlands digital marketing agency for world-class expertise at a much lower price than our London counterparts.

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What Does a Good Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Wherever in the country, or world, your digital marketing agency is based, they should deliver you qualified results based on the goals you have told them you want to aim towards. Depending on what you want to target, this could be through PPC, SEO, social media or other methods of digital marketing. Some common goals include increased traffic to your website, increased conversions such as phone calls, completed sign up forms or purchases or even increased brand awareness for your brand. A good digital marketing agency will work with you to set out an action plan of what will be targeted, how your digital marketing will play out and the results you want to see from the money you are putting in.


Why Choose a Midlands Marketing Agency?

With the heyday of video calling upon us, location no longer restricts face-to-face (or face-to-screen) meetings, with calls available at the drop of a hat and screen sharing opening doors for specialists across the country able to help their clients remotely. There are some great benefits to choosing a Midlands marketing agency over a London marketing agency and we’ll detail a few below.


World-Class Expertise, Midlands Prices

Anyone who has ever tried to run a business in the London area will know that the high cost of overheads means inevitably customer prices have to go up to match. One of the great things about working with a Midlands digital marketing agency is that the costs, on average, are much lower. Whilst the prices are much lower in general, the skill set isn’t lower.

As a Midlands-based digital marketing agency, SEM Consultants works with brands across the globe and has years of experience creating and managing successful digital marketing campaigns. As a Google partner marketing agency, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the game with the latest techniques and tools to make your digital marketing efforts a success.


Midlands Digital Marketing Agency Costs

When choosing a Midlands digital marketing agency over a London digital marketing agency, you’ll be getting all of that expertise whilst saving potentially hundreds. With London agency prices reaching around £250 per hour and up, a Midlands-based agency, such as SEM Consultants will typically start at around £40 per hour, depending on the service with no compromise on the quality of the work. You’ll get more for your money meaning you’ll be able to put it towards things that actually work for your business. 


Dedicated Support on a Personal Level

Whilst we are in no way saying that you won’t get a fantastic, personal digital marketing experience with a London-based agency, many London agencies are in high demand from such a concentrated area and often have to juggle a larger number of brands all in the same area. By extending your scope over the rest of the UK, you will be able to find a company that takes the time to really get to know the nuances of your business and where you want to take your digital marketing. You’ll get a personalised digital marketing strategy that plots out the best strategies for your individual business and the best platforms for you, with budgets and goals adjusted accordingly. With a smaller, Midlands-based digital marketing specialist, you’ll often stay with the same digital advisor throughout your journey with the agency instead of being passed to whichever advisor is free at the time.


Diverse Knowledge

At SEM Consultants, we pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box when it comes to your digital marketing strategy to find a balance that works for you. We’ve worked with a number of brands from across the world, from Australia to Canada to the sunny shores of Spain, as well as a number of local Midlands businesses and London-based brands. By taking learnings from our combined experiences, we are able to kick-start new and innovative digital marketing practices that see results.

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Why Choose SEM Consultants as Your Digital Marketing Agency?

As a Birmingham digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO and PPC, we know exactly what your business needs to succeed when it comes to digital marketing that converts. Our knowledge of SEO is considered in every aspect of our digital marketing from social media to website design as we know how important it is to have a website that ranks. We’ve worked with companies in multiple languages and specialities with bespoke digital marketing services that have helped them succeed time and again. As a smaller agency, we are able to focus our energies on helping you succeed. Whatever happens, we’re just a quick phone call, or video call away with expert advice that is personalised to your business needs.

To find out more about our leading digital marketing services in the Midlands, take a look at our service pages for PPC, SEO and Social Media now. Alternatively, contact our digital marketing team now to find out more and allow our expert team to answer any questions you may have.