Why is Web Design So Important?

Imagine you’re a customer, as I’m sure you have been many times before. When you are viewing a product or service online, your conversion choices are affected by their website content. A bad site does not encourage you to invest your money in the product or service, does it? This is why you, as a business person or individual, needs to put the right care and consideration into your web design.

Don’t worry, SEM Consultants are an expert web design company because when it comes to website creation and rebranding, our trusted web designer, Daniel, cares about consumer needs. Still don’t believe us? Well, here’s a few key things to bear in mind that we guarantee will get you thinking about our web design services very soon!


Let’s start with the obvious – your website design needs to look professional. If a potential customer lands on your website and they are pleased with how it looks, they are more likely to browse the website content. This means that your products or services page needs to have well-taken pictures; fonts that fit the tone of the site and the company, along with being set out correctly; and you need to make sure that the theme and colour scheme works well to fit the business. Opt for an eye-catching, professional looking website design that doesn’t scream “amateur” to potential customers!


The second most important thing is how the website works for your customers. Remember, not everyone is the same and so the site needs to be easy to understand and navigate for the majority. There needs to be clear titles, subtitles and navigation menus that link to the appropriate pages for the relevant information that the consumer is seeking. When doing website creation, you should aim to achieve a fast, responsive and well-structured site in order to provide the very best user experience.


The website’s content should never, ever be overlooked. It is the wealth of information about what you have to offer that could make or break a deal with a potential customer. If the content is riddled with spelling mistakes, inconsistencies and poor grammar, then expect to scare off prospecting customers. Plus, any business who wants to be found on search engines needs to have online content that is SEO-rich. This helps sites like Google to know who you are and therefore help your customers to find you through keywords. With all this in mind, it is in your best interest to invest in a good content writer, if you don’t feel you possess the right skillset yourself. Our content writer, Alice, is a great wordsmith ready to tackle any content related task; big or small!


Lastly, a good website is well-linked. This means that the necessary links are available in the right places so that customers can find what they’re looking for with ease. This relates back to the usability of the site, where navigation is key. For example, at the end of a product page, you could link to a contact form for your customers to use to get in touch without any extra effort on their part. Plus, this key thing in web design will also help Google to pick up your site.

Now do you see how a brilliant website design can work in your favour? Whether it’s website building, rebranding, updating, web design, or website analysis, our web designer can do it all. Put your trust in SEM Consultants if you want all of the above done by leading search engine marketing experts. Get more for your business and your customers by giving us a call today.