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Yahoo is one of the oldest search engines on the internet that allows you to advertise your products and services to people really engaged in the content that it serves. Using what Yahoo Ads call “Intent-driven advertising” you are able to target, reach and more importantly engage your audience with their search and native advertising solutions.

In order to use Yahoo marketing tools, there are two main methods. These include going directly through Yahoo Advertising in order to serve ads on the Yahoo platform, or alternatively using BingAds to facilitate your Yahoo Ads. We believe that covering all angles is crucial for ensuring you are always one step ahead of your competitors, that’s why our Yahoo native ads specialists are well versed in the nuances of Yahoo Ads manager and its associated services and know the best ways to make your ad spend go further, whatever your budget.

what is Yahoo native advertising?

Get up to three times more attention and a stronger emotional response than any other network. Native ads are a form of display advertising that is embedded into the content of a page. Your publications are nested within news stories and articles to attract a highly engaged audience and they are normally labelled with a tag “sponsored post” linking to your article. Native advertising is a highly effective digital marketing medium that is only being adopted by few businesses, so in order to stay ahead of your competition; this is the next level in making your business “go viral”.


  • Yahoo Native offers cheaper clicks than Google and Bing
  • Access to Native Advertising
  • A reach of over 1 Billion monthly users
  • Promote your products like Google Shopping and Bing Shopping
  • Ideal for businesses that have a content marketing strategy

With less competition and targeted audiences, Yahoo ads costs are highly competitive with other advertising platforms and can work out as lower cost. As with all forms of digital marketing such as search ads, display ads or banners & content, we ensure that all of your mediums are accurately tracked using Google Analytics to ensure complete accountability for every penny you spend on Yahoo marketing alongside your other advertising avenues. We tag the links that are used on your creatives so that you can clearly see the direct effect of each medium (such as Yahoo Search and Yahoo Native) to the bottom line of your business, along with the way in which every medium and platform aids each other in achieving more sales and enquiries.

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We have worked alongside Anglo Pacific for over 10 years, implementing a specialist set of digital services from SEO to website consultancy, PPC to bespoke content creation to maintain a successful market position in an increasingly competitive industry. Our team at SEM Consultants has generated hundreds of thousands of HOT lead opportunities over the years through campaigns and tools catered to Anglo Pacific for impressive results.
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  • yahoo campaign management specialists

    As specialists in Yahoo’s ad network, we provide a range of services to make the most of your online advertising efforts. We can create, run and manage bespoke native ads campaigns to fit your budget and business goals and pave the way for your business’ success online. As part of our Yahoo Native Advertising services we can:

      • Create highly themed ad groups for your campaigns
      • Implement Native Ad Campaigns
      • Setup Yahoo Product Ads
      • Measure sales and enquiries (cross-platform and cross-device)
      • Combine Search and Native Ads
      • Consult with you to improve your conversion rates
      • Help optimise your keyword/s landing pages
      • Consult on article creatives for Native advertising
      • Help generate a flood of sales/enquiries from your website
      • Give you direct access to your Yahoo account manager